Talking about

The State of Civility
in America

with Harvard Psychiatrist
Dr. Joseph Shrand

Author of the powerful
new book 

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Dr. Shrand's new book, "Unleashing the Power of Respect," is available on Amazon.  He is also the author of several other books, including OUTSMARTING ANGER, MANAGE YOUR STRESS, and THE FEAR REFLEX,  all available on his website.

Dr. Shrand also has his OWN podcast, The DOCTOR JOE SHOW, and runs the non-profit DRUG STORY THEATER  for teens in the early stages of recovery from  addiction.  


Learn more about the Good Doctor on his bio page.

In the second episode of our series on "The State of Civility in America," we talk with Psychiatrist Dr. Joseph Shrand, whose just-released book "Unleashing the Power of Respect" may just be the first step in a cure for the rampant incivility that is plaguing our country.




It may be hard to imagine treating people we loathe with respect, but in this remarkable conversation, Dr. Shrand explains his method of re-training our brains to learn how to defuse the anger and acrimony that so many of us have experienced in our own reactions.   


 There is little doubt that America is becoming a meaner, nastier place to live.  Surveys  – including the one we're conducting on our website – make it painfully clear that civility is on the decline.   Dr. Shrand believes that if we don't learn how to turn things around, we are headed for a very dark place in this country, and the world.   We've all seen it.  
Trust -- between individuals, and for our Institutions -- is at an all-time low.   But he shows us a way out of this dangerous downward spiral...




"When was the last time you got angry at someone for treating you with respect?"

"Respect Leads to Value and Value leads to Trust"

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As we seek ways of of restoring civility in American society, we are all focused on the horrendous humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.  What Putin is doing to that country and its courageous people is the extreme of incivility -- the utter absence of a shred of  decency and respect for our fellow human beings.  We are horrified, but also deeply moved by the way the world has come together to oppose this atrocity and support the brave people of that country.    

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