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Guest Guidelines

Thanks for agreeing to be a Guest on OURGENPOD! 

If you are scheduled to be a guest on the podcast, you should receive an automatic invite from, the service that allows us to record high-quality separate audio tracks.  If you did not receive that email, please let Rob know at and he'll send a new one. 

There is a tutorial on how to be a Squadcast guest below.

The session is very much like a Zoom call;  you'll be able to see each other, but we only use the audio.  No need to worry about how you look!  We also edit the interview, so feel free to start over or ask us to cut a comment you don't like.   The main thing is to relax and have a fun conversation.


EXCELLENT AUDIO QUALITY is our goal, so we request that you please 


  • find a quiet space to do the interview

  • use headphones 

  • use a decent microphone. 


Headphones are essential to avoid echo, and a good external microphone on a desktop stand will greatly enhance the sound of your voice.    We recommend a USB Microphone which plugs directly into your computer;  you can find inexpensive headphones and microphones under $20 on Amazon that meet the requirements. 


You'll need to set up your sound settings ahead of time to make sure your computer is using the microphone and headphones. See instructions:


We also ask you to read & agree to the Guest Release, which gives us permission to use your voice in the podcast and your image in promotional material and on the website.  Julian will ask you to confirm that you have read and agree to these terms before starting your interview.


Squadcast's Guidelines for Guests:


The process is outlined in the Squadcast video and step-by-step instructions below.  Any questions, just email us!


Squadcast Tutorial:

How to be a Guest

Joining a Recording Session as a Guest

From the Session Invitation Email or Session Link

  1. Click the Guest Invite Link that was shared with you

  2. Click the Start Session button

  3. Click the browser prompt Allow button to permit access to the microphone and camera (optional)

  4. Click the Get Started button to enter the Green Room

  5. Enter name and pronouns (optional)

  6. Check settings in the Green Room

  7. Click the Join Session button

Have more questions?   Email or

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