A Conversation Whose Time Has Come


We started “talkin' 'bout Our Generation" as a podcast "By, For, and About Baby Boomers," the generation that officially includes anybody born between 1946 and 1964. We’re a huge chunk of the population-- right now there are 76 million of us in the United States alone!


Recently, we realized that these divisions between generations -- pitting Millennials against us Boomers, setting us apart -- aren't really necessary.  We're all in this together.  The podcast is a convivial, intelligent, inviting place for people of all generations to share experiences, memories, concerns, questions, and answers. It’s like a gathering of old friends actually talking to each other – kind of like we used to before technology spun us apart. 


We launched with a series called "The Woodstock Episodes,"  fascinating conversations about that seminal event in the summer of ’69.   Host Julian G. Simmons talks with the people who made that magical moment happen, exploring how it affected our generation, and -- more importantly -- how we can get that "Woodstock Spirit" back today.


We definitely need it right now. 


For the past several years, we've felt the mood in America getting darker, nastier, meaner.  It bothered us.  We grew up in a time when good manners, decency, compassion and kindness were the norm.  We've seen those values slipping away, and we've decided to focus on how we can turn things around in this country, which is why we launched our series on "The State of Civility in America."


There are plenty of problems we can point to as the source of our declining national character, and we'll certainly be discussing the "why" of our dwindling civility.  But we don't want to harp on the darkness -- we want to talk with people who have found ways to tilt that scale from cruelty to kindness.   


Sharing, caring, community -- that's exactly what  “talkin' 'bout Our Generation" is all about. 


Our subhead is "The podcast that listens to its listeners," and we are  actively inviting listeners to record their thoughts and send us the files, which we are trying to work into the podcast.  It’s a real conversation.  (there are guidelines on how to record and submit your audio file on our SHARE page).  

We are also asking our family of listeners to help us cover the costs of producing it.  While we look for sponsors and seek grants, we urge you -- if you're able -- to click on the SUPPORT link and make a donation.  If you have an interest in supporting this project, or suggestions for topics or guests for upcoming episodes, please contact us at ourgen2019@gmail.com.  




Julian G. Simmons & Rob Wilson