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“Talkin’ ‘bout OUR GENERATION” is a new podcast by, for and about Baby Boomers, the generation that officially includes anybody born between 1946 and 1964. We’re a huge chunk of the U.S. population-- right now there are 76 million of us!


A Conversation Whose Time Has Come

“Talkin’ ‘bout OUR GENERATION” will be a convivial, intelligent and inviting podcast for people in our generation to share experiences, memories, concerns, questions, and answers. It’s like a gathering of old friends actually talking to each other – kind of like we used to before technology spun us apart. The subject matter is us, meaning it’s wide open; there are as many stories as there are Baby Boomers.


One key aspect of our podcast is that we will not be talking at listeners; we’ll bring in experts, but they won’t be giving any lectures. Our style will be egalitarian and inclusive, using the pronoun “we” as much as possible. We’ll explore subjects with an open, probing mind. We’ll be focused, but feisty. 

There is an incredible amount of information about us, how we changed the culture, how we’ve been blamed by Millennials for handing them a world of problems, how we’ve been credited for creating a new culture of humanistic and environmental values that still drive many of our generation today.

We won’t assume we have all – or any – answers, but we’ll look back across our years, listening to experts and regular folks like us, learning about where we started and how far we’ve come on this long, strange trip.

A lot of us are feeling out of sync, suddenly finding ourselves in these fleshy senior citizen bodies while most of us still think like twenty-somethings. We’re befuddled by his time warp. After all, we were the ones who said, “never trust anyone over thirty.”

We’re accustomed to being the center of attention, the golden demographic of advertisers, the most influential age cohort in politics, business, culture, the job force, and the economy. We trashed our parents’ stodgy status quo and fostered a new age of social consciousness, with our own defiant music, fashion, and awareness. We spawned the sexual revolution, stopped a war, backed the civil rights movement, and spurred an environmental awakening. And now we’re getting shoved out of the spotlight by Millennials, and we don’t like how it feels.

We are definitely not ready to “just fade away.”


They blame us for creating today’s out-of-kilter economy, for failing to stop catastrophic climate change, and for sucking up all the Social Security money. Okay…a lot of our peers did engineer this unfair uploading of wealth, rocketing into the rarefied air of the loathed “one percent.”

Fine. Meas Culpas.

A lot of us drifted from the ideals of the sixties, sold out, abandoned our ideals along with our long, beautiful hair, our beads, and patchouli oil. We did well, made a bundle of cash and got out. But at least half of us are hurting, struggling to get by, pushed out of the job market, unable to retire and unsure how we are going to pay the rent. Many are still committed to the cause, still protesting, still marching for peace, freedom, and justice. The idealism of the sixties is still driving us, even if it’s sent us crashing over a financial cliff.

So we’ll be talking about all that and tackling a lot more of the serious issues most baby boomers face every day. But we’ll do it with an edgy, seasoned sense of humor, feistiness balanced with love. Every episode will leave listeners feeling better, empowered, armed with positive ideas about how to make our lives meaningful, fulfilling, and active. Our goal is to educate, enlighten, and amuse, in a thought-provoking, over-a-cup-of-coffee conversational sort of way. “talkin’ ‘bout OUR GENERATION” will NOT be a downer. We promise!

Our Premiere Episodes

There are as many stories as there are Baby Boomers. Our content will be wide-ranging but unique to Our Generation, in a series of sort of cyber-group therapy sessions, teasing out memories and emotions many of us don’t even know we have. And we’ll do our best to link our shows to current events, staying in touch and involved. 

Our premiere episodes launched during the weekend of August 16-18, celebrating the
 fiftieth anniversary of Woodstock. We’re lining up guests who were there, the folks who created that historic event, and discuss how it represented a paradigm shift in American culture. Much more than a mass of hippies frolicking in the mud to awesome sound, Woodstock carried an unmistakable message: our movement was real.

But times have changed, and much of who we were is scattered among scraps memories that are inexorably fading away, blowin’ in the wind. All of which gives “Talkin’ ‘bout OUR GENERATION” a poignant note of urgency and a reason to celebrate through our collective memory the world’s biggest-ever music festival and the counterculture it helped to create.