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The pandemic and the cumulative stress of four years living under Trump took their toll on a lot of us.  We're recovering -- thank God -- and after a brief hiatus, we'll be back with new episodes, including a few that got put off during the tumult of the past few months (apologies to our interviewees).

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Between the  terrors of living through the worst pandemic in our history, the trauma of the election and the lingering madness of four years under Donald Trump, many of us are, well ... a bit ... unstable.     


We could probably all use some therapy.  Which is precisely what our current episode  provides. 

Join Host Julian Simmons as he talks with Dr. Jennifer Contarino Panning, a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in Evanstown, Illinois, who coined the condition "Trump Anxiety Disorder" back in 2017.  

As a contributor to the bestselling book, “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump: 27 Psychiatrists and Mental Health Experts Assess a President,” Dr. Panning’s chapter, titled "Trump Anxiety Disorder," describes the symptoms so many of us have experienced.  In this episode, she elaborates on those, and what we can do about them.

On top of T.A.D., we’ve had to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic.  For many of us baby boomers --  more susceptible than most -- it has been a traumatic experience.   

Thankfully, most of us are recovering, from both the trauma of Trump and the pandemic.  But the symptoms of "T.A.D" may be long-lasting.  So  join us as we  lay back on the therapist's couch and hear from an expert -- Dr. Jennifer Contarino Panning --  how to cope with the double whammy of COVID-19 and the continuing case of "Trump Anxiety Disorder." 

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