We did not start “talkin’ ‘bout Our Generation” (now OURGENPOD) to make money.  But there are expenses (about $2,500 a month and rising fast) for equipment, research, recording, editing, web hosting, transcriptions . . .  not  including our own time and overhead costs.   To do it right, it's virtually a full time job.  

We need your help.

It's frankly exhausting at our age, but  we believe passionately in what we're doing.   We are alarmed by the deepening divide in our nation and the threat to democracy.  We care about things like civility, compassion, well as combatting  the cruelty that is being inflicted on so many of our fellow citizens.  We are the antidote to ageism.  In a society where we're increasingly ignored, we  exist to give people 55+ -- like us -- a voice.  We truly "listen to our listeners," and as much as we need your financial support, we need to hear from you.    We care about what you think, and we want to include your comments, thoughts and suggestions -- so please also visit our SHARE!  page and donate with your mind, too.


We are talking to potential sponsors, but until we build a bigger audience,  we're on our own.   In order to keep this going, we need to spread the workload.  Until we can attract sponsors, we  depend on a little help from our friends.   If you are interested in sponsoring the podcast or you know a prospective major backer, please let us know and we will share our Executive Summary and full Funding  Proposal.  We're happy to explore how we can help each other.


This is, hopefully, more than a podcast.  It's a conversation about crucial issues in a dangerous time.   Our content is guided by our listeners.   We're currently running our series on "The State of Civility in America," based on  responses to our survey.    We think it's important to connect, communicate and share,  so if you agree, and you're able, please click on DONATE and help us keep the conversation going. 











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