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The Friendship Series

Episode 22.  The Friendship Series

A Conversation among Friends

Earlier this year, a listener suggested that we look into the subject of FRIENDSHIP.  He wanted to know how others defined that quality we tend to take for granted -- and how important it was to them.  So we asked listeners to share their thoughts, giving us their answer to the question:


"What does Friendship Mean to you?"

The response has been overwhelming.  We discovered that Friendship is one of the most important qualities of life -- especially as we age -- and that it can literally be a key to our happiness, mental health, and our very lives.  And we have learned that there is an "Epidemic of Loneliness" sweeping the country, especially among older people, but even among teenagers.  It's a serious problem that affects millions of us, and for the most part it's hidden behind closed doors and a facade of normalcy.  It's a terrible source of pain, depression and illness.

We have also come to realize that Friendship is an incredibly complex and varied thing.  We all see it differently, and there are many different kinds of friendship.  But we all share one thing in common: however you define it, Friendship is a vital part of life.


So, we're launching a series on Friendship with this episode.  Rather than just listen to experts (even though we've interviewed a few), we've opened up the podcast to you -- our listeners -- and invite you to add your feelings, thoughts, and experiences to the conversation.  You can do that several ways -- the easiest is to just click on the yellow microphone icon on any page of our website, follow the simple instructions, and send us a voice message right through your computer.  It doesn't have to be long -- some of the best are simple one-liners, like one of our favorites:



"A friend is someone who calls for no reason."  

Episodes will largely consist of the voices of our listeners, pretty much in the order we receive them.  First up is LEE ARMSTRONG -- a therapist who recently moved from L.A. back  to her hometown in Delaware. 


Julian had a short phone interview with Lee, and we'd be happy to do that with you if you like.   It's easy:  Just drop us an email with your phone number and best time to call, and we'll set it up.  

Lee Armstrong.jpeg

Lee Armstrong

Join the Conversation!

Click on the yellow microphone, then follow the simple instructions to leave us a voice comment straight from your computer or phone.  

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