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Terms & Conditions


All donations go 100% to supporting the cost of producing OURGENPOD.  Donations are handled by secure servers(*), and go directly into our parent company account, UmAuthorized Films.  There are plans to create a Non-Prodit entity in 2024 so that donations will be tax-deductible, but this is not yet the case.  All doinations qualify only as "gifts" on your taxes.
You can verify the security of your donation by clicking on the GoDaddy "Verified and Secured" button:

Your personal information is completely confidential, only shared with the entities whoch process your donation, including Paypal and your bank or credit card.  We will never share donor lists with any third party for any reason.

We will refund any donation, one-time or continuing, upon request.  We are unable to stop recurring donations via Oaypal 00 you have to do that on your end.  

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