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Just click on the episode title below to listen.    You can also READ ALONG as you listen -- just go to our TRANSCRIPTS PAGE.

 For more information on our guests, including links to their websites, music, etc., go to the GUEST BIOS page and click on their image.

If you're new to the OURGENPOD family , take 2 minutes and listen to an audio introduction & watch a short video description of OURGENPOD from Host Julian Simmons:

010. Dia de los Muertos
011. CIVILITY: Catherine Ryan Hyde
012. Michael Lang In Memorium
08. Trump Anxiety Disorder
12. Remembering Michael Lang
07. Halloween Special
06. Woodstock: Michael Lang
05. Woodstock: Lisa Law
04. Woodstock: John Morris
03. Woodstock: Carol Green & Richie Havens
02. Woodstock: Henry Diltz
01. The Road to Woodstock

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INTRO TO OURGENPOD with Host Julian G. Simmons 

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