Who the Heck are we?


Julian G. Simmons

Co-Producer, Host

Julian was actually one of the hundreds of thousands of skinny long-haired kids stuck on the Thruway when Arlo Guthrie made his momentous announcement, “The New York State Thruway is closed, man…”

Julian was a true Woodstock Nation warrior for peace, a dedicated antiwar organizer with hair down to his waist. In his mid-teens, he was student president of a local western New York anti-war organization, S.T.O.P. (Students and Teachers Organized for Peace) and was also one of the student founders of the first Buffalo area Free Schools, first known as the Village School and later as Ultimathum. Julian studied journalism at Northeastern University and Shakespeare and Classics at Balliol College, Oxford. Nowadays, he works as an actor, VO artist, writer, and audiobook narrator in L.A. For many years he worked in Public Relations (including his own company JS/PR), in music promotion, entertainment, and repping photographers. He has worked as a freelance journalist, screenwriter and is a published author; he has written seven screenplays and published short stories and poetry. His audiobook narrations consistently receive very impressive ratings on Audible, which make him giddily happy. His many fans are mostly young women,  evidently in love with his dulcet voice.


Rob Wilson

Director, Co-Producer

Rob is a graduate of Stanford University, Columbia Graduate School of Journalism in the City of New York, the American Film Institute Center for Advanced Film Studies, and is a member of both the Writers and Directors Guilds of America.  

In his youth (when he still had hair), Rob was an avid environmentalist, serving 5 years as the Leader of Service Trips for the Sierra Club, and he has never lost his love of Nature and animals.    He has always been concerned with community, civility and the human story.  He spent a summer working among the homeless in London.  As an investigative reporter and TV writer/director/ producer, he covered the loss of community in rural America, the shameful history and present-day struggle of  Native Americans, Nicaraguan Revolution, police corruption in the Deep South, the cold reality of death penalty, the conflicts and controversies of the Criminal Justice System, invasion of privacy, GLBT rights, herbicide spraying over back-country communes. He wrote & directed dozens of profiles about hometown heroes, outstanding teachers, remarkable human beings  – bringing out the human story has always been his forte, and he’s won the Emmy, Cable ACE and CINE Golden Eagle.  His work has appeared on all major networks and cable channels, as well as in the New York Times, Rolling Stone, and Ford Foundation publications. Most recently, he was story producer on 15 documentaries and multiple shorts for the Annenberg Space for Photography.