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HEAR or WATCH a brief introduction from Host Julian Simmons:

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We're now OURGENPOD -- formerly "talkin bout our generation," a bold irreverent and intelligent podcast about life in America, from the perspective of people 55+. . .  like us.     We're currently running a series on "The State of Civility on America."  Anyone, of any age, is welcome -- just remember to be civil!


We deal with the issues we face every day, but we don't just rant and rave. We're looking for solutions. We also have a lot of fun talking about what entertains us, what makes us happy, What makes us laugh. We share powerful, provocative human stories, talking with great writers, thinkers, and musicians.


We also engage our audience: you can add your voice to the conversation. We really want to hear what you think. Our whole purpose is to lift your spirits, shake things up and help us all live happier, more informed lives.


You won't hear anything like talking about our generation anywhere else. We're a huge part of the population, but there's almost no programming that really takes us seriously. We've lived life for a while now, but we're not through, even though media, marketers, and some other folks might want us to think we are.


A lot of us buy into that ageism, but that's a big mistake. We're active, experienced, and full of wisdom worth listening to, so don't let yourself be ignored, isolated, or cut off -- JOIN US on OURGENPOD !


Rob Wilson


Director, Co-Producer


Rob is a graduate of Stanford University, Columbia Graduate School of Journalism in the City of New York, the American Film Institute Center for Advanced Film Studies, and is a member of both the Writers and Directors Guilds of America.  

In his youth (when he still had hair), Rob was an avid environmentalist, serving 5 years as the Leader of Service Trips for the Sierra Club, and he has never lost his love of Nature, Wilderness and animals of all sorts.    He has always been concerned with community, civility and the human story.  He spent a summer working among the homeless in London.  As an investigative reporter and TV writer/director/ producer, he covered the loss of community in rural America, the shameful history and present-day struggles of  Native Americans, the Nicaraguan Revolution, police corruption in the Deep South, the cold reality on both sides of the death penalty among the many the conflicts and controversies of our Criminal Justice System, invasion of privacy and the  manipulation of information by Government, Tech Companies and Political Campaigns, GLBT rights, herbicide spraying over back-country communes. He wrote & directed dozens of profiles about hometown heroes, outstanding teachers, and various other  remarkable human beings.  Bringing out the human story has always been his forte, and he’s won the Emmy, Cable ACE and CINE Golden Eagle , among other honors.  His work has appeared on all major networks and cable channels, as well as in the New York Times, Rolling Stone, and Ford Foundation publications. Most recently, he was story producer on 15 documentaries and multiple shorts for the Annenberg Space for Photography, currently running on PBS.

As Director of OURGENPOD, Rob is there on every interview, but muted -- restricted to sending Julian "directions" that he usually ignores.  He also edits the content,  but you wouldn't know it -- a sign of a true master.   Rob, a man of strong opinions,  will be periodically venting his views on OURGENPOD topics and other subjects via his Substack Blog, "Mutterings from the Man Behind the Curtain," which is sporadically available via the OURGENPOD website Blog page.   

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