In our continuing series on The State of Civility in America, we're editing Part Two of our scintillating conversation with Shepherd Siegel PhD., which will tackle the slippery character known as "The Trickster," and how he (or she) could work their magic on the stifling status quo.   If you haven't already, be sure to catch Part One of his conversation with Julian on the topic of Play -- and the provocative possibilities of what he calls "Disruptive Play."  













We're looking into the Extremes of Incivility, too -- including where it leads to crime, including a sobering episode with Federal District Judge Marc Treadwell of Georgia, one of the leaders in an effort to restore civility to the courtroom.  Judge Treadwell has started some very promising efforts seeking solutions to the tragic  proliferation of guns and gun violence among an ever-younger population.  


Next, we will be airing episodes on Breaking the Generational Divide, revealing the false assumptions that have set "Millennials" and "Gen Xers" and  "Boomers"  against one another to the detriment of us all.   


We reject these labels.  Experts make it clear that those separate often-warring camps are not supported by the facts. We believe that  fighting amongst ourselves is a waste of our valuable time and energy.  As a nation, and as a global civilization, old and  young --  we are facing some dire consequences if we do not learn to listen and work together. 


We are all in this together.

We're also putting together episodes on Ageism, the way our society pushes older Americans "out to pasture" and out of the mainstream, isolating, ignoring and worse.  Julian just had a great conversation with Ashton Applewhite, author of This Chair Rocks: A Manifesto Against Ageism,  with some revealing truths about not only how ageism is inflicted on people 55+,  but how we have internalized ageism in oujr own self-image.    Well be taking a look at the way Japan treats its elders, and how that respect is partly why that  country's people enjoy the longest lifespan in the world.  

We're also going to be talking about Technology Run Amok, and how mastering today's Internet and all the associated gadgetry is more and more maddening to those of us who weren't born with a smartphone in our crib.   It's brought wonders unimagined in our parents' time, but we've also been sucked into a synapse-singing nightmare of ever-changing  "forgotten" passwords, the  Machiavellian algorithmic maze of  confounding "Captcha" word jumbles and picture puzzles, two-factor authentication, rude robots demanding that we prove we are actually ourselves human...not to mention the tortuous  ordeal of typing on those tiny keyboards with our aging eyes and declining dexterity.  

We're planning episodes on Family -- how we grew up, and how the notion of family has changed in our lifetime.  So much of what is happening in our society "begins at home," we have to ask if there is a breakdown in the family and what effect that is having.  We'll also be looking at some different ideas about what "family" means to different people, like the LGBT community, where LGBTQ kids were rejected by their parents  have formed new families with friends.  

There's no end to what we might talk about.  We'd really love to hear your suggestions -- what would YOU like to hear?  Let us know!


Queer Ducks Cover.png

We're also pleased and proud to have an episode coming up with Eliot Schrefer, author of "Queer Ducks (and Other Animals),"the groundbreaking book about homosexuality in the animal kingdom.  Psychology Today calls "Queer Ducks" an "essential read."  

Eliot has recently appeared on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, who calls the book "One of the most fun books I have ever read."   

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