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Earthquake relief donation sites

How to Help Rescue & Relief efforts for the Victims of the Earthquake in Turkey & Syria 

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In cases like these, experts say the best way to help people is by sending money to relief groups, instead of sending goods. “Cash allows us to not only be faster, but it allows those who are helping these communities, be adaptable to what the community needs,” Patricia McIlreavy, president and CEO of the Center for Disaster Philanthropy, says.

Before donating to any charity, it's always a good idea to check their rating with one of the organizations that confirm that your donation is going where it is intended, particularly in areas known for government corruption such as Syria.  To confirm that your donation is going where it is needed, you can check any of these charities via CHARITY NAVIGATOR   or CHARITY WATCH.

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Here are some of the well-established and trustworthy organizations that are providing relief and accepting donations:


UNICEF said it is providing emergency water to displaced residents in Syria and helping to reunite children who were separated from their families.   Donate HERE.

The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement

The Red Crescent has set up multiple crisis centers in Syria and Turkey and is providing blood, clothing blankets and other support materials, the humanitarian group said.

The International Committee of the Red Cross said it dispatched surgical material to treat 100 people in hospitals in Aleppo and is sending more to other medical facilities in the affected regions.

Aid to Syrian victims -- already suffering from the decade-long civil war -- is only a fraction of what is reaching Turkey.   Routes for relief caravans to travel through rebel-held territory -- already limited by the Assad Government -- may be blocked by earthquake rubble.   To find out more about the international efforts to support the Syrian Arab Red Crescent and the Turkish Red Crescent, visit here.    The Turkish Red Crescent set up a donation page for monetary contributions.  You can donate to the response in Syria HERE.


Doctors Without Borders

Doctors Without Borders has sent teams of physicians, and other medical professionals to Syria immediately after the quake, the NGO said.  In northwest Syria, their teams have been able to work since the early hours to respond to this influx because they already had a presence in the region.


Doctors Without Borders has set up a donations page on its site for people to send financial contributions HERE


International Medical Corps

The International Medical Corps said that it immediately activated its members to respond to Turkey and Syria following the quake.


The International Medical Corps has set up a donations page on its website;  donate HERE


International Rescue Committee

The International Rescue Committee has 1,000 members in Syria providing help, the NGO said.

The IRC is taking donations to help victims in Syria and Turkey on its site.  Donate HERE.

Mercy Corps has been working in Syria since 2008, delivering emergency assistance and addressing longer term needs both before and during the ongoing crisis.  Donate HERE.

The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) is on the ground in Türkiye and Syria providing emergency food assistance. Donate HERE.


Malicious actors brought out in the crisis are creating fake online fundraisers and using AI imaging to form scams that can look legitimate. People wanting to donate need to learn some best practices to avoid them.

To help you find a trustworthy charity, Internet security company SAFETY DETECTIVES have  compiled a list of reputable organizations supporting victims in Turkey and Syria, including local NGOs and international charities. We’ve also included some tips to help you spot scams and ensure your donations get to the right people.  Visit them (and learn about the scams out there) HERE.

Safety Detectives
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