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The Friendship Series

Episode 24.  Friends With Fur

As we return to our series on Friendship after a brief hiatus, we talk about our animal friends and the value they bring to our lives.  

A recurring theme that comes up in comments submitted from guests,  friends, and  listeners  about what friendship means to them is the importance of pets in their lives.  That's certainly true for us.  "Pet owner" isn't even an adequate expression of this special relationship; we prefer the Hawaiian word, "Kahu," meaning an honored attendant, guardian, nurse, or protector of something precious.


For many people, including those of us at OURGENPOD, animals are part of the family. 
For people without children, they are our children. 


In this episode we hear first from New York Times best-selling author, Catherine Ryan Hyde.  She lives in the country and admits to being something of an introvert -- a common trait among writers.  She seldom interacts with people, but is okay with that because the members of her "animal family" are her best friends. 


Catherine Ryan Hyde 



Next we segue to a lively conversation with Pete Keesling, a retired small town California veterinarian, whose blend of professional commentary and a funny, folksy series of anecdotes about rural life is both informative and entertaining. 


Pete and our Director Rob Wilson have been acquaintances since junior high school, but really became good friends at their 50th high school reunion.  Our conversation with Pete is a good example of the value of reconnecting with old friends, and the profound importance that has as we age. 


The U.S. Surgeon General recently issued an alarm about the "Epidemic of Loneliness" that is silently sweeping through our generation.  Shockingly, studies have shown that  "about one-in-two adults in America reported experiencing loneliness."

As Pete emphasizes, nothing can replace the connections we form with human friends, older, younger and those of our own age.  But our animal friends can do much to alleviate loneliness, and improve our mental and physical health.  So, please join us as we journey into the realm of the Kahu and the animal friends we love.  

You can learn more about Catherine and her many books on her website, and hear more from Pete on his weekly morning radio show by searching for "Santa Cruz Voice" between 7:15 and  7:30 every Friday morning.

As Pete points out,  it's important "to have friends that'll help in your time of need."  This is such a time for us at OURGENPOD.   We're struggling to pay the costs of keeping this podcast going (our long absence was because of the need to find other work to pay the bills.  We devoted all our time to that client, leaving none for the podcast.  That income just suddenly ended, so we really do need your help.    The survival of OURGENPOD depends  on your donations, so,  if you are able, and you see the value of a podcast aimed at older folks speaking up on what matters to us and trying to build a community,  please consider supporting our podcast by making a donation.   Click on the green "Donate" button that appears on every page.

Thanks for being a part of the OURGENPOD family!

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