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Podcast Guest Release

By uploading audio recording(s) of my spoken words I hereby give my permission to Julian Simmons and Rob Wilson and UnAuthorized Films (“the Producers”) to use the audio recording(s) of my spoken words, and assign all rights to those audio recordings to them, their associates and assigns, for inclusion in their podcast series currently entitled “talkin’ ‘bout Our Generation” (“the Podcast”).

I authorize the Producers to edit any recordings of my voice and duplicate, reproduce, and distribute them via the Internet for the Podcast. 

I also grant the Producers the right to use my name, photograph, biographical material, and transcription of audio recordings of me for the purposes of promoting the Podcast in print, on websites, and in any other media. I agree to notify the Producers of any copyright issues with images, music or written materials that I provide, and to use my best efforts to secure the permission for such use from the copyright holder(s). 

I agree that I will have no right to review, inspect or approve the finished audio recording or printed matter that may be used in conjunction with the Podcast or its eventual use.

I understand that the Producers currently see no risk, and I take full responsibility for my involvement in the Podcast and any risks that may involve.

I certify that I am over eighteen years of age and am competent to enter into this agreement and contract in my own name. 

I have read the foregoing release, authorization, and agreement, and warrant that I fully understand the contents thereof.


Please acknowledge that you have read and understood the foregoing by clicking below, and letting us know that you agree.  Thanks!


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