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The Limits to Discourse

Facebook rejected this original ad for the episode on "Trump Anxiety Disorder (T.A.D.)"


That, in itself, is a symptom of T.A.D.  Just the mention of the man's name is enough to cause anxiety.


Our podcast deals with topics of interest to people in the Baby Boom Generation.  Many of these may veer into what today may be considered controversial, or contentious, territory.  Our goal is open and unhindered conversation, intelligent exploration of who we were, where we've been, what we accomplished and where we are now.    We are not, however, really interested in engaging in vigorous debate with people we feel are intent on provoking discord, who are loud, annoying, crude, rude and ignorant of the ideals of the Greater Good.  On both our Facebook page and here, we will, in our capacity as the somewhat imperious custodians of convivial conversation, delete, block and banish those who try to bring such negativity into the room.

I freely admit to having a Liberal bias. This was in direct rebellion to how I was raised up until the age of awareness -- sometime around the age of 12.  My parents, grandparents and I imagine on back in my heritage to the Mayflower and beyond, were stoic  During the campaign of 2016, I was increasingly shocked by the upwelling of  incivility among those who supported the more extreme candidates, on both the left and the right.  I was not particularly enamored of Hillary Clinton -- I admired her intelligence, her long record of service, and her basic platform and goals for our country. I thought in general that women would make far better global leaders than men, especially when it came to reversing climate change and achieving peace around the globe.  There are, I believe, fundamental differences between the animus and anima in our nature -- the male (animus) tends to resort too quickly to combat and defensiveness, closing down channels of communication and "standing our ground."    We are more prone to self-centeredness, to be more stubborn and resistant to change.

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