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Mutterings from 
The Man Behind the Curtain

Rob Wilson, Co-Producer, Director

The Blog was initially  intended to be a place for me -- "The Man Behind The Curtain" -- to add my two cents to the topics we cover in the podcast, where my role as Director and Editor is hidden behind the curtain (a reference to "The Wizard of Oz, "who as we all know is no Wizard at all -- just a puller of levers and a facilitator of others' better angels).


Due to my responsibilities to generate income and keep the wolf (aka The Landlady) from the door and ther high anxiety that has caused, I have been slow to contribute to this section, so I have opened it up to Guest Bloggers. If you have something to say about one of our episodes, or wish to contribute your writing on any relevant topic to the Blog, by all means send it to me at

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